Our online gallery offers fine art photography works by an international art collective.

We are a new art platform that strives to become «The reference in FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY» on the web. As an online gallery Mapamundi Factory offers a «One Stop» destination to fine art photography lovers, museums and gallery curators and photography collectors.

Our gallery is unique, showcasing a curated selection of limited-edition art works, from emerging and established artists and offering all archival museum ink photographs for sale online and delivered to collector’s home with artist-signed certificates of authenticity in a safe packaging!

Founded in 2017, the gallery is excited to build a photographic collection that’s original, contemporary and unparalleled in today’s market. Over the last years, we built relationships with collectors all over the world but also with photography specialists art galleries around the world.

Our mission is to make the process of collecting and discovering art photography an enriching experience for all photography lovers and collectors.