I am not a poet and have not words to explain in such a short space a long and passionate live but I will try it:

Intellectual and almost all dabbler, I was in photography, painting, music and above all computing in the time where had not PCs yet in Spain. Management software, a lot of management software development from Assembler to Coldfusion and Flash.

Sometimes very craft and just as many fool as a idiot with a brush… a bit mad and adventurous, I must admit, I had “breaks-career- to-nowhere” for photographing beautiful models, fishing in Saint Barth island, to immerse myself in London and photographing Venetia…

I always maintained a obsessive relation with computing and in my life cycle was into different positions, from small to large multinational enterprises, from simple programmer to general manager in companies of my own moving from software development, project managing, marketing, sales and general managing. I jumping the gun creating the first world maps integrating cartography with 360 degree images when Google was is still in its infancy. I had received different awards but I am not Google…

These experiences have taught me to sustain the growth of new companies, taking it from the ground upwards with the bare minimum of resources utilizing innovative management and marketing techniques.

These adventures have also taught me a tangle of great wisdom, patience and to judge people on being and not on having or show off .

It is finally by fluke that the milieu of tourism attracted me by its diversity, its possibilities to share my real-life experience and dreams, and to make the most of my professional aptitudes to create emotions coming together destination beautiful, graphic design, music, image and video.

I am not a poet but if you listen the soundtrack of “An affair to remember” by Emile Pandolfy, that beautiful melody perhaps can fulfill what these few lines I had not known to describe with.